Two years later, I'm a Master of Arts in American History, head filled up with the useless trivia that will amaze and entertain generations of students. I discovered a few things about life and myself: that I really enjoy teaching, that I'm actually good at history, and that it's incredible how much you can get by without when you're dead broke most of the time. Oh, and also that I looked good with long hair.

My thesis was titled "Messing with the Mouse: Copyright, Parody and the Countercultural Wars in Walt Disney v. The Air Pirates". Short version: it's about dirty comics. More dignified version, it's about parody as a fair use defense in copyright infringement and how the offensiveness of the subject material affects that defense even when it shouldn't.

I wasn't planning to do legal history, or even cultural history, but when my professors ganged up on me and told me that I should marry my legal training with my love of comic books, even I saw the sense in that. After several months of frantic scrambling, research and writing, my 170-page Beast Child was finished. Hey, they liked it enough to give me the degree, so it must be okay.

I'm still into filk music, into Doctor Who in a very big way now that it's back on television, and am also deeply into Wikipedia, where I tend to the Doctor Who pages, among others. Drop by and have a look.

But ultimately, I'm back at the job, missing the States and my friends, but in a way glad to be home, because I really really missed the food and being solvent. I miss having long hair, though. So Book Three closes - at least for a little while. Whether this is the start of a new book, or just an interlude, is anybody's guess, including mine.

Because, as always, getting to the future is still the fun part.

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